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Sacramento Art Museums

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Sacramento Art Museums

Sacramento Art Museums

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Sacramento Art Museums

 Sacramento Museums
Comprised of 30 Sacramento area museums working to raise awareness of local museums to discover California’s fine art, history, science and wildlife treasures.

 Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento
The Crocker Art Museum, formerly the E. B. Crocker Art Gallery, is one of the leading arts institutions in California, and the longest continuously-operating art museum in the West.

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The Arts Are Integrated Into Sacramento

Cited by Time Magazine as the most ethnically and racially integrated city, Sacramento has made the arts an integral part of its life as well. As the cultural center of the Sacramento area, the city has a bustling arts scene starting from its arts educational programs to its theatre, music, visual arts and museums.

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Schools for the arts

The Art Institute of Sacramento California is a branch of Art Institute of California, Los Angeles. It conducts courses in Digital Film-making Video Production, Graphic Design, Game Arts and Design and Culinary Management.

Historic buildings house the arts

Old Sacramento is one of the oldest parts of the city with cobbled streets and historic buildings dating as far back as the 1850's. Tours of the area include rides on steam-powered trains and paddle steamers.

Among its many historic edifices are Sutter's Fort, the Lady Adams Building, the second oldest building in Sacramento after Sutter's Fort and the B. F. Hastings Building. The Eagle Theatre is a reconstruction of California's oldest permanent theater on the site where the original building stood.

Theatre and music are the centerpiece

The Sacramento Convention Center Complex is the site of the Community Center Theatre, Memorial Auditorium and the Wells Fargo Pavilion. The Community Center Theatre stages performances by the Sacramento Ballet, Sacramento Opera and the Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra. At the Wells Fargo Pavilion, you will find the productions of the California Musical Theatre and Music Circus. Community theatres abound in Sacramento like the El Dorado Musical Theatre, River City Theatre Company, The Actor's Theatre, Light Opera Theatre of Sacramento and a host of others. Every summer, at the William Land Park, the Sacramento Shakespeare Festival presents plays under the stars.

Museums and visual arts

The Crocker Art Museum is one of the finest in the region and is the oldest one west of the Mississippi. The California Museum for History is the home of the California Hall of Fame. Sacramento has the California State Railroad Museum where visitors may ride live steam locomotives and the California Automobile Museum with vehicles from 1880.

In Sacramento, the arts are part and parcel of the city's everyday life.

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Sacramento Art Museums

Sacramento Art Museums

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